App Hider: Hide apps in parallel space

The description of App Hider: Hide apps in parallel space

Hide app is a hide-app app to hide app icons from screen without root.
◆ This hidden Program is based on the parallel space behind the fake calculator.
◆ Clone two Whatsapp Messenger and hide the cloned one.
◆ Hidden space for second account WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, Instagram, etc...

You can save two times of WhatsApp on your phone, or uninstall the WhatsApp system to completely hide it.

Important Tips:
◆ Hidden apps are hidden in the calculator, they are cloned apps. Because, since Android 6.0, no one can hide the icons, you can only hide apps by cloning.
◆ If you want to completely hide, uninstall system apps that have been cloned and use the app that is tapered only in hide apps.

New way to hide icons from screen without root:
◆ Clone WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger or Instagram from phone to hidden space;
◆ Run hidden apps and make sure everything works.
◆ Method 1: After cloning, uninstall the system that will be completely hidden.
◆ Method 2: Stay there 2 accounts. For example, save 2 WhatsApp at the same time, the hidden one used to log into the privacy account.
◆ Fake calculator for password lock.

Some features:
◆ Hidden space to hide cloned apps;
◆ Clone apps from phone;
◆ Hidden from the latest task view;
◆ Fake interface and calculator keys, fake icon calculator;
◆ Hidden apps list to help uninstall System app installation;
◆ Multiple accounts for multiple channels;

Personal Secrets:
◆ Some apps should ask for permission to keep the app running.
◆ Hidden apps space will never collect your personal information;
◆ Be sure to remember the password because it can't be modified
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