Sunday, March 29, 2020

Psiphon Pro Mod v262 Unlimited Speed

Psiphon Pro Mod v262 Unlimited Speed

Download Psiphon Pro Mod v262 Unlimited Speed apk – This one VPN application is certainly very popular lately because of the many things that can be used.

Security about self-identity is very important to browse on the Internet. Proven by the many crimes on the internet makes us have to stay alert. A preventative step we can do is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network to browse the Internet.

A VPN hides our location while browsing on the Internet, so our location information cannot be known to people who are not responsible. There are many VPNS that provide free to paid facilities. For example Psiphon is that if you want to enjoy it you must subscribe every month.

But quiet, here Mesodigital will give the version of the model for free and can be downloaded at the link that I have provided at the end of this article.
Psiphon v262 This unlimited mod also has a new look, one of which is no red or blue P logo as the indicator, but only view the statistics in the logs section. Here's how.

What are the features of this Psiphon mod v262

  1. Subscription Unlocked/Unlimited speed bandwidth;
  2. Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
  3. Disabled/Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  4. PsiCash Tab removed
  5. Forced Open Browser after established connection disabled;
  6. Changed main bar to dark color;
  7. Analytics/Crashlytics disabled;
  8. AOSP compatible

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