Sunday, March 29, 2020

Save the latest stories from your Whatsapp, Repost your friends, or share them with friends.

You can save all images and lots of images and videos from this status download app.

🌈 you can easily save WhatsApp pictures and videos of your friends.

You can also share with your friends and delete pictures and videos

😃 Whatsapp Now it launches a new fearture called a story or the status of your friends being eliminated in 24 hours,

So you can save your whatsApp friends ' status or stories.

This is an amazing application to save WhatsApp friends stories.

Use this Story Saver app for Whatsapp app you can save the status of WhatsApp friends

Status saver for Whatsapp.

Save Whatsapp Story using this status saver.

Whatsapp status saves in the gallery and you can see the status even after 24 hours in the gallery.

WhatSave: Status saver for Whatsapp saves status at high speeds.

Save and Repost for WhatsApp save the news in HD quality.

Save Downlaod Whastapp status statuses in HD quality and in high speed.

Status Saver shares your story with friends.

Story Saver Repost stories or status in WhatsApp status or share on social media.

WhatsUp recently launched a new fearture called story or the status of your friends who removed it in 24 hours,

So you can save the theory or story about your whatsApp friends.
* * 😎 Features 😎😎 * *
1) Save single or double svae stories.
2) share, delete or Repost.
3) easy and fat saving WhatsApp status
4) in the Built-in Video player and image viewer.

* * 😎 How to use 😎 * *
1-> Check Whatsapp Status or Whatsapp Status.
2-> Back in Story Saver for Whatsapp (in this app).
3-> Click on the latest Story button.
4-> You can find Whatsapp Status/story in Latest News tab
5-> for pictures Click click on the picture Tab and for Video click on the Video Tab.
6-> Click any image or video to view or save some
With Long press.

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Most IMPORTANT NOTE * * * * * * * * * * * *

Make sure you respect your contact's privacy and have permission before downloading their website

STATEMENT * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Story Saver For Whatsup is made by us, and it is not an official WhatsApp application and is not associated or affiliated with or sponsored by WhatsApp Inc. and is not associated or affiliated with or sponsored by any other 3rd party application.

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