Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Point Points Toll Free for All

Point Points Toll Free for All

The description of PoinPoin
PoinPoin is an app that can help you make money for free. In Indonesia, you can earn cash for free by completing your favorite tasks anytime, anywhere, and you can earn various interesting prizes by playing games, answering surveys or watching videos.

How to get make money and Dailycash:
Collect as many as Rp (points) to redeem free credits. Here are the easy ways to collect Rp (points) in PoinPoin:
-Install apps you like and complete beginner tutorials
-Shop at online shopping sites and earn cashback money back
-Complete the watching missions
-Search and download apps that have been specified
-Read the article & replied to Surveys
-Share your experience in earning free cash and invite your friends to join in earn money, get free cash for TopUp Pulsa

How to easily share and make money
In PoinPoin, you can anytime and anywhere invite your friends to get together free cash, you can share through various social media by sharing the experience of getting free cash that is so attractive to your friends. When you are on public transport and on the way to go to work or take a trip online Ojek go home, you can always open the PoinPoin app to get free cash and topup Pulse.

How to Topup Pulse
Use Poinpoints every day to collect Rp as much as possible. Can be used to exchange credit with different denominations, the conversion of higher denominations is cheaper lohh ~

Supporting Provider: Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Axis, Tri, Smartfren

Complete missions and earn rewards
PoinPoin will hold the event regularly, as long as you log in and complete your favorite tasks every day, in accordance with the event rules determined by PoinPoin, at the end of the event the system will automatically calculate the ranking then we will share the prizes we spend from reputable online shopping sites in Indonesia.

Play games can be free cash
At PoinPoin, you can download a lot of free games. PoinPoin works with a variety of famous games, just by completing a beginner's tutorial you have the opportunity to get cash or cash up to 10million.

Cooperation with Fintech
PoinPoin with some Fintech in Indonesia will be tied to a very close cooperation relationship, download Fintech application through PoinPoin and list its accounts, and if your data has been received, you can get a reward along with it you will earn points from PoinPoin that can be used to redeem/payment in online loan applications and installments.

Want to recharge free
Poinpoints differ from other similar applications. PoinPoin has more tasks and more exciting rewards that await you to pick up. Login every day then you can earn endless money, and you can topup free credits as much as possible. Earn rewards, cash and make yourself easier with Poinpoints! Enrich yourself at PoinPoin!

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